Sustainability at Hyatt Meetings

Caring for the planet is a natural extension of Hyatt’s purpose – to care for people so they can be their best. A healthy planet is important for the wellbeing of all people, and Hyatt hotels take steps to reduce energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste, and increase sourcing of responsible products. Hyatt has global sustainability goals, and we work with nonprofit organizations and industry groups to help address some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues. Visit to learn more.

While each hotel offers unique experiences, across Hyatt hotels meeting and event planners can expect the following initiatives when planning a meeting or event at full service Hyatt hotels, with some exceptions at certain hotels. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are those that may vary by property. For hotel-specific initiatives and offerings, please reach out to the hotel events team. Our hotel teams are ready and more than happy to help further customize your meeting.

  • Hotel environmental metrics are tracked and managed using EcoTrack, Hyatt’s global environmental sustainability software.
  • Hotels are able to provide meeting planners with information aligned with the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI) and Hotel Water Measurement Initiative (HWMI) methodology.
  • Lighting and temperature controls in event spaces are turned down when spaces are not in use.
  • Hyatt’s Conserve program is available to assist in reducing energy and water use associated with laundry.
  • Suggestions for carbon offset organizations can be provided by the hotel events team.
  • The hotel events team can assist in coordinating carpooling to and from the airport, and can provide public transit information to attendees.
  • Meeting room temperature can be coordinated with the hotel events team to reduce energy use.*


  • No plastic straws are used at Hyatt hotels. Straws made from alternative materials (such as paper) are offered only upon request.
  • Water is served in carafes or dispensers as the default offering (no later than June 2021).
  • Large-format bathroom amenities are available in guest rooms (no later than June 2021).
  • Recycling in event spaces is available, unless the hotel doesn’t have access to local recycling services.
  • Meeting planners have the option of selecting meals from Hyatt’s Menu of the Day, enabling our culinary team to optimize ingredients and reduce food waste (Americas hotels).
  • Meeting planners can coordinate with the hotel events team to reduce food waste from event meal preparation and serving.
  • The hotel events team can provide information about options for avoiding single-use packaging and disposables (cups, dishes and cutlery, condiments etc.).*
  • Note paper and pens can be offered at a central location, rather than at each table setting.*
  • Meeting planners can coordinate with hotel events team to plan a paper-free meeting by providing digital solutions.*
  • Refillable water bottles can be made available for purchase.*
  • Lanyard collection and reuse is can be made available to meeting planners.*
  • Meeting planners can coordinate with the hotel events team to encourage attendees to use mobile key entry solutions, rather than plastic key cards.*


  • No shark fin is served at any Hyatt hotel.
  • Hyatt's Food. Thoughtfully Sourced. Carefully Served. philosophy guides all menu design and ingredient sourcing.
  • Example sourcing efforts include responsible seafood, cage-free eggs, grass-fed beef hamburgers, locally-sourced produce.*
  • Plant-based menu options are available for all meal periods.*